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Information Systems Audit

What is an Information Systems (IS) audit ?

An information system audit is designed to collect and evaluate evidence to determine whether an information system and associated resources are properly protected and backed up; maintain the integrity and availability of data and the system; provide relevant and reliable information; effectively achieve the objectives of the organization; Consume resources efficiently and have, in effect, internal controls that provide reasonable assurance that business, operational and control objectives will be achieved and undesirable events prevented, or detected and corrected in a timely manner.

Do you have any concerns like :

  • How to determine if information systems are protected, controlled and provide value to the organization ?
  • How to ensure that audits are conducted in accordance with IS audit standards and a risk-based IS audit strategy?
  • How to ensure computer management and control monitoring?
  • How to improve the quality and control of information systems?
  • How to improve processes in the organization's IT policies and practices?
  • How to reduce unjustified costs related to the information system?
  • How to make your information system comply with the legal obligations of your field of activity?
  • How to optimize the processing of business processes by the information system?
  • How to optimize the interoperability and accessibility of the information system?
  • How to optimize the security of the information system?
  • How to make your information system more efficient and sustainable?

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